• 10 Lessons

    Are You Following People Home?

    We have to remember that the discipleship journey for Christians is vital in their walk with Christ. Jesus spent a few years teaching His disciples the Godly values and principles they would need to proclaim the Gospel. In that same manner, we have to walk with every "newborn" Christian to help them discover who they are in Christ and to empower them to do the same for someone else, to be their "Errol".
  • 6 Lessons

    Discover Your Voice

    God created every person with care, and in this process, he made each of us unique. When you truly understand this, you will find your voice and you will feel confident to share with the world what have to say. But, when we take a step deeper into the heart of Jesus, we discover more - the power of helping others find their voice and having a unified message that can change nations! Discover your voice when you enrol in this course!
  • 6 Lessons

    Steward Your Financial Resources

    Have you ever found yourself truly wanting to give but limited by a strained budget and continuous financial stress? In this course, we dive into how you can break free from that pattern and tap into God's plan for you to steward your finances. God calls us to responsibly steward, grow and sow our finances towards building His Kingdom. And it all starts with the right financial mindset which you can start building right now by starting with this course!
  • 8 Lessons

    Unless The Seed

    The topic of money will almost always cause division when discussed in the global Christian context. What if we all could come to the same conclusion that God simply does not want our money? What God wants is much more and much simpler. In this course, you will learn God's truth on matters of seed, growth, resources, harvest, and ultimately - the purpose of our lives.